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This article focuses on SQL Server instances, including managed Azure SQL instances. For specific information on troubleshooting Azure SQL Database locking issues, see Azure SQL Database locking description and troubleshooting.

The duration and transaction context of a query determine how long its locks are held and thus the effect on other queries. If the query is not executed within a transaction (and no lock hints are used), locks on SELECT statements will only be held on a resource at the time it is actually read, not during the query. In the case of INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements, locks are held during the query, both for data consistency and to allow the query to be rolled back if necessary.

For queries executed within a transaction, the duration of locks is determined by the type of query, the isolation level of the transaction, and whether lock hints are used in the query. For a description of locking, lock hints and transaction isolation levels, see the following articles:

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Desktop clients with the Virtual File System improve usability and reduce local storage requirements. Users can share files in the browser, even if they are not stored locally. The client mirrors the file and folder structure of the server, regardless of whether the data is available in its entirety locally. If a file is needed, it can be downloaded and opened on demand.

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The included ownBrander self-service can be extended with the “small” or “full” brand identity subscription, up to integration into mobile device management and single sign-on systems.

Collaborative viewing and editing of Office documents in a browser with Collabora Online. Compatible with Microsoft and LibreOffice formats for documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Allows users to mark any folder as a drop folder for external users to drop files anonymously into a shared folder without revealing the actual contents of the folder.

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(For countries belonging to the MENA region) If you cannot see the MENA text tools in the basic toolbar that appears by default, perform one of the following procedures to use these tools:

To remove a tool from the toolbar, drag the tool from the toolbar and drop it anywhere in the drawer. The tool is automatically added to the category to which it belongs.

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To hide the tooltip, choose Edit > Preferences > General (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences > General (macOS) and deselect the Show Tooltips option.

In addition, you can also change the display mode by clicking the Change Display Mode icon () at the bottom of the toolbar and selecting the desired display mode.

To switch to the advanced toolbar, which consists of a fully equipped toolbar including all tools, perform one of the following procedures:

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Don’t have an online account set up? You can pay online without registering your account by using One Time Access. Whether you use a bank account or pay by credit or debit card, a $1.35 convenience fee will apply.

With recurring payments, your bills are paid automatically from your bank account. You can choose when you want to pay your bill, set an end date for recurring payments, and even set a maximum amount to pay.

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To pay by mail, make a check payable to PG&E and mail it, along with your energy statement pay stub, to the following address: PG&EP.O. Box 997300Sacramento, CA 95899-7300