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Good morning, As you know, I have been absent for quite a few weeks without uploading much content. It’s not that I’ve forgotten to upload them or I’ve kept the edits for myself (something I’ve done sometimes), but I’ve simply been a long time without being able to make a pack as easily as before or, at least, something that leaves me satisfied. I’m not even making packs for myself or to give to people close to me, which used to be the easiest thing in the world. It is as if the glass of inspiration that was overflowing before has been emptied… As I have little activity I have had less orders, as it is obvious, but just in case I prefer to warn that for the moment and until further notice I will not take more requests. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t have the strength to do them. I have three pending that I will try to fulfill with the little inspirational ancestral magic (?) I have left, but I don’t promise it will be soon. If the inspiration glass is full again, I’ll be back! For the moment and to compensate I leave you with a gif of a kitten, which always helps. I love you! Originally posted by meowingtonsco

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After Tumblr’s boom, which led it to become one of the most visited sites in the world, in 2013 it was acquired by Yahoo for $1.1 billion, when Marissa Mayer was already CEO. The goal was to attract young people and revitalize Yahoo, which at the time was already losing traction not only among young people, but among any internet user.

As time went by, it became clear that Yahoo never knew what to do with Tumblr, the blog network remained as it was and Yahoo ended up being bought by Verizon, this after several headaches due to its notorious hacks that ended in the theft of private information of almost all its users.

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What Is A Rock Tumbler?

Angie discovers that Jimmy has been doing this to Sawyer 3:30 watch?v=vkwcMv772Zc Angie: Jimmy if you keep training my boyfriend like a dog I will take you to a world of pain. Jimmy: What if I told you that I could train him to obey you in everything and start turning on his sister? What would Angie tell him?

I don’t know, Jimmy doesn’t have that level of confidence or initiative to say that to Angie or to use Sawyer as a test object. Let’s remember that Jimmy is extremely shy and introverted. Moreover, Sawyer intimidates him a bit. Sheldon is more like Lisa would behave. She does have something to blackmail anyone with.

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When Zorie is invited to a “fancy camp” with her rich friends, the summer took an unexpected shape, as it wasn’t planned and she thought of everything. But as her social life was rather sparse she decided to accept.

I love the pairing of Zorie and Lennon and how they go through different obstacles throughout the story. I really liked the involvement of their moms and how the secondary characters add to the novel, many of them in a not so positive way for the main character.

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